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"When you don’t have boundaries in your life, people will inject themselves into places in your life where you do not want them, and where they have no business being.  Boundaries are like drawing a line in the sand and saying, ‘Beyond here I will not go and you cannot come.’ The key is to be very clear and very committed to what you are willing to do if the line is crossed."




A lack of boundaries will not only make your life uncomfortable, it helps other people in making their lives uncomfortable.


Where there are no boundaries the same bad decision has an opportunity to be repeated.


It is on [us] to draw the line in the sand.




BOUNDARIES allow me to take care of myself.

BOUNDARIES enable others to take care of themselves.

BOUNDARIES create the freedom of choice.

To give, share, or support need not mean taking care of.

I can say no and still give love and support.


BOUNDARIES keep me in my divine, right space


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